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Diesel Washington Gets Sucked Off By a Size Queen

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When it comes to big black dicks, Diesel Washington has one of the biggest. It’s long and thick and shaped like a muthafuckin’ baseball bat. Not many men could take it, but this size queen has a little white hole that eats black dick for breakfast.

Steven Ponce is from Puerto Rico, although with his red hair and pale complexion, you wouldn’t guess it. When it comes to bringing the heat, Steven brings it and serves his ass up on a platter.

At 40 years old and 6′6″, 240 lbs with a 10 inch dick, Diesel Washington is built for aggressive sex. He loves to fuck and he doesn’t hold back AT ALL! He makes Steven Ponce bounce on his hard dick until his hole is opened wide and he’s got all 10 inches buried in him balls deep.

Don’t you love watching a white boy who can take all that big black dick meat?

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Some Real Black Dudes Sucking Dick

Gay black amateur guys
Gay black amateurs sucking dick courtesy of Black Twink BFs

Real niggas. The kind you see on the street and then go home and fantasize about while you stroke your dick.

These amateur black guys have big hard dicks and they love mouth-fucking another black man. Can you imagine wrapping your lips around one of these big chocolate sticks? These are real gay guys, not pornstars and they fuck like real brothas.

They’re quick to slap that dick on your tongue and make you eat it all the way down to the balls.

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Double Penetrated by Two Thugs

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My hat goes off to this bottom boi. Not many men could take two big black dicks double penetrating his asshole AT THE SAME TIME! He can either stretch like bubblegum or he is loose as a goose.

You’ve got to appreciate a hungry black man who can swallow two dicks at once, and Thugzilla’s big dick is a challenge in itself. But this all male threesome encounter is all about biting off more than you can chew. Each one of our black stud thugs is ready to let off some steam and they’re not going to be satisfied until they’ve sucked the juice from their fellow thugs. Watch this black gay threesome in action and see a full double penetration!

Big Black Dick Swinging in Kamazon Ass Splitters [VIDEO]

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This update is another scene with one of my favorite big dick brothas — CASTRO!

If you don’t know who Castro is by now…well, you just haven’t been reading long enough. Castro is the sexy top with that pretty boy swag and the big black dick (with a curve in it) that we all love.

Have you ever unzipped a dude’s pants and found a big fat dick that you just couldn’t handle? Castro has the kind of dick that will make you re-think being a bottom. That dick hangs damn near down to his knees and it’s thicker than a soda can.

He loves feeding a bottom boi that big black meat dick and feeling his asshole clench up before he relaxes and lets it go in deep. Castro makes his bottom bend over, arch his back, and put his ass up high so that he can have full access to that tight black asshole.

Do you think you could take a hard fucking from a big dick like this? When you’re with a top like Castro, anything can happen!

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Nut Buster PM Dawn for FlavaMen

Gay black PMDawn Flavamen
Nut buster PMDawn courtesy of Flavamen

Jeez. Where are they making all these young black boys with big dicks? Is there a factory I need to know about?

PM Dawn is a young thug with a nice dick. And by ‘nice’, I mean BIG. JUICY. SUCKABLE. It’s a thick, chocolate monster with a curve to the right and the kind of fat head that stretches you out even before he gets the shaft inside.

Yes, with a dick like that, he MUST be a top. PM Dawn was actually nominated for Best Top at the 2009 Blatino Awards. And even though he lost out to a pornstar named Dream, he still has some award-worthy dick game.

This young black thug is obsessed with sucking big dicks. So if you’re a bottom with a huge dick, you’re guaranteed to get yours because PM Dawn is going to suck it until you nut down his throat and then plug you with so much good dick you’ll end up washing his clothes and paying his rent just to get some more.

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