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Tiger Tyson Busts an Asshole Wide Open

Tiger Tyson porn
Tiger Tyson at Thug Porn

Tiger Tyson is a little cutie, isn’t he? He’s got that sexy grin and that fat dick with the mushroom head. I would eat his redbone ass UP!

Tiger loves to break in bottoms and AJ has a rock solid ass that he couldn’t pass up. AJ is a skinny dude, but he can take the dick deep. He’s just as comfortable bottoming for Tiger Tyson as he was topping Mr. Saukei. When Tiger lets him know in no uncertain terms that that ass is going to be his, AJ spreads like butter and gives him an ass so tight it practically squeezes the condom off Tiger’s dick.

Don’t sleep on Tiger though. He puts in work and then makes AJ sit on his fat dick so he can feel that booty grip back and open up for his thick cock. These pics aren’t enough to tell you how intense this scene is. Click here to watch the video of Tiger Tyson and AJ in this scene from Take Em Down 3 @ ThugPorn

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