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Obey Massive Black Pistons

Gay Thugs Will Beat That Ass Up

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Stars: Rock, Kidd, Hot Rod, Kydezion Rockafella, Jus Incredible

Grab your cum rags and get ready to bust some nuts.

This movie has some of my favorite gay thugs in it. These are the realest niggas who love to pound ass and get dicked down.

If you like big dicks, this movie is full of them. These masculine thugs have big swinging black meat for your mouth (and your ass) to eat.

These guys don’t take it easy on your ass. When you bottom for one of these big dick thugs, you better be ready to get your boy booty pounded.

If the trailer is this good, just imagine how good the movie is…

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  1. Leandra on January 1st, 2013

    When I first saw you in the porn industry, I idimmeately melted. You are the most hottest, beautiful gentleman I’ve ever laid eyes on. Now, the only wish I have from you is a date. I just wish wish I could take you out on a date! No catch or anything just a nice dinner date. That’s all I ever want. Think you can take that offer? I’ll be waiting Midnight Runner

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